How to protect yourself from erectile dysfunction?

How to avoid being diagnosed “erectile dysfunction”?

What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection necessary to satisfy sexual partners. The emerging symptoms of erectile dysfunction lead to a decrease in the quality of life regardless of the causes that led to this problem. Violation of potency is accompanied by a feeling of physical and emotional dissatisfaction.

Almost all men suffer from erectile dysfunction at different ages. Before this diagnose was common for elderly men but nowadays even men under 35 experience problems in sexual life caused by ED. Erectile dysfunction in men has become an alarming problem that requires immediate attention. The idea of ​​an inability to satisfy a partner persecutes even strong men. Thoughts about impotence often do not give rest and many men start experiencing depression.

There are certain ways that can help preserve health. By sticking to them, a man can avoid erectile dysfunction (ED) at least till you are 50 years old. However, it is important to understand that ED is not just your problem. In fact, billions of men who have reached 50 years of age suffer from a lack of high-quality erection.

How to protect yourself from erectile dysfunction?

  • Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol

The cause of many health problems among men is excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Often people do not understand that such bad habits are harmful to the normal functioning of the body, and therefore, can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. The onset of ED is also observed among men who resort to substance abuse. So, to help the body fight ED, exclude the use of tobacco and alcohol products, or at least minimize their consumption.


  • Prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases

ED is usually observed in people with cardiovascular diseases. Heart disease is often accompanied by an obstacle to the normal circulation of blood in the genital area, which leads to insufficient blood flow. This process is largely responsible for the normal erection. Healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

  • Do your best to avoid diabetes

Another factor contributing to ED in men is diabetes. It disrupts the normal functioning of the nerves and arteries. Diabetes can be avoided in many cases thanks to an active lifestyle, which includes regular exercises and balanced diet. Avoid high-calorie refined food as overweight and obese people suffer from erection problems more often than those eating healthy food.

  • Eat healthy foods for improving potency

When your task is to prevent or treat problems with erection, nutrition should be balanced. It is recommended to consume: goat milk, honey, millet, vegetable oil, tomatoes, brewer’s yeast, carrots, hips, celery, garlic and onion.

  • Lead a regular sexual life

Try to avoid long periods of abstinence and sexual excesses. The body, regularly receiving a fresh dose of pleasure hormones, develops a conditioned reflex to sex.

  • Try medical gymnastics

This is an effective way to prevent ED at home is recommended by German specialists: Walk barefoot. On the human foot there are several points at once, responsible for strengthening sexuality in general and erection, in particular: at the base of the thumb, on the outside of the foot, between the heel and the little finger and on the arch of the foot. Enough not to wear slippers and you will improve your health.

Start taking care of your health at a young age – so that being elderly, you won’t have such problems as erectile dysfunction.